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Qazvin Province located in the middle of the connector of the capital of the country's (Tehran) to the west/the northwest of Iran, so it's almost impossible for travelers who want to go from west/northwest to Tehran (the east side of Iran) or from Tehran to the west/northwest not to pass an autobahn above the Qazvin province.

Annually, lots of people passing through Qazvin to travel to Mashhad (a city in the northeast of Iran where is famous for Holy Shrine of Imam Reza) and they don't what they've left behind is a treasure trove of the historical monument.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper information, the tourist attractions of Qazvin have not been properly introduced while it has some of the most important historical attractions in the country. Meanwhile, Qazvin province has the first rank in terms of having the most historical and natural monuments in the country, with more than 1300 monuments and spectacular tourist sights.

For instance, Sepah Street, the first street of Iran located in Qazvin Province. This street was paved at 1307 during Reza Shah Pahlavi Era. The traditional Bazaar of Qazvin in one of the most ancient one in the country. Grand Hotel is the oldest grand hotel in the country. There is Tomb of Four Prophets in Qazvin where is the tomb of four Bani Israeli prophets. Sa'd al-Saltaneh Caravanserai which is the largest covered caravanserai in the world and the largest urban one in Iran located in Qazvin. Jameh Mosque of Qazvin is one of the oldest mosques in Iran. Qazvin is a city full of cisterns and has lots of big and ancient cistern inside. Municipality Mansion of Qazvin is the first municipality mansion in Iran. Tomb of Hamdollah Mostofi, a small square brick tower, located in Qazvin. Aminiha Hosseiniyeh is one of the stunning monuments in Qazvin. Zourkhaneh Pahlevan Shahverdi is the oldest active zourkhaneh in Iran.

Many of them located in Qazvin Province per se and are close together. You don't even need a car for sightseeing in Qazvin and you're able to reach each sight with less than a 20-minute walk.

Further to the above fascinating point, there are lots of delicious and different tastes that you can try as a new experience.

If you plan to travel to Iran, don't forget to go sightseeing in Qazvin. You can use the different features on our website and make your travel easier.

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